Terms and conditions

Accounts for posting jobs will be limited to one email account/account manager per organisation, for sharing the same job package(s) with users in the same organisation which are designated/registered by that account manager.

Email addresses/access to Inside HR jobs will be restricted to corporate email accounts only (not web-based email accounts).

Standard posts will remain on Inside HR jobs for 30 days, after which the ad will be removed from the site. If you wish to post the ad again another job post will have to be purchased/used.

Featured posts will remain active on Inside HR jobs and linked to Inside HR for 60 days, at the conclusion of the 60 day period the ad will be removed from the site. Job title, location and employment type must remain the same; minor alterations/edits to the body copy are acceptable.

The free introductory job package consists of 10 standard job posts and 5 featured job posts. This offer is limited to only one organisation per free introductory job package (not individual users at the same organisation) and this package and offer will expire on 30 July 2017.

All job ads will be reviewed by Inside HR prior to posting and we reserve the right to reject an ad if we deem it unsuitable for Inside HR jobs. However, all information contained within job posts is provided by users and Inside HR takes no responsibility for the content.

Job advertisements cannot span multiple locations – for example, a job for Brisbane cannot be listed under Sydney.

Inside HR is for the HR profession, and we do not list jobs in other industries or professions.

Each job advertisement is to contain one job title; if you wish to advertise multiple openings you will need to purchase a multiple job package.

All information displayed on this site (including candidate data, job information and recruiter contact details) is property of either Inside HR or its customers. As such this information cannot be used unless for the
specific purpose intended. Similarly, information contained on this site may not be copied or reproduced without express permission of Inside HR.

Job advertisements must be for a current, legitimate job opening – i.e. Inside HR will not accept posting of positions for the purpose of resume ‘fishing’ to build candidate databases. Inside HR reserves the right to request any information deemed necessary to determine the legitimacy of job posting.

Inside HR reserves the right to amend/change or alter any of these terms and conditions without prior warning or notice.

Inside HR reserves the right to remove an ad from our system should we feel any of these terms and conditions have been breached.